What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the process where your company focuses its marketing efforts on activities that attract people to your brand and intentionally move them into and through your sales funnel.

check-mark-10-xxlATTRACT your target audience (content, SEO)

check-mark-10-xxlCONVERT qualified leads (CTA’s, landing pages)

check-mark-10-xxlCLOSE new clients (Email campaigns)

check-mark-10-xxlDELIGHT your customers (content, social monitoring)

The method relies on creating and distributing great content that educates your target audience and builds their trust in your product/service as the solution to their need. Inbound uses a strategic mix of website optimization, SEO, email marketing, lead generation, email marketing and social media to get your content noticed by your target audience.

Inbound Marketing Packages

2015-06-24_1730This is our premium service for entrepreneurs that need to maximize their online presence. This unique combination of business coaching, communication products and marketing guidance propels your business from idea to reality. As a premium client, you are retaining a partner who gets into your world and loves your business right along with you.


Premium Package: One year of services

With this package you get one year of our undivided attention to develop and maintain every piece of your company’s online presence. This long-term commitment enables us to really drive the growth and conversion goals. 

  • Consultations for clarity: goals, audience, preferred methods to drive traffic
  • Quarterly growth goals based on data analysis
  • Comprehensive content strategy
  • Brand development: logo, design & core messaging
  • Website development
  • Social media development and maintenance
  • Email marketing development and monthly campaigns
  • Website maintenance, tech support and SEO development
  • Marketing: creation & distribution across multiple channels 
  • Training as desired by client

Jump Start Package: 3 months of services

This package allows for AlfordCreative to develop all of the tools to get your online marketing off to a great start, while training you to take over ongoing maintenance. 

  • Consultations for clarity: goals, audience & preferred methods to drive traffic
  • Brand development: logo, design & core messaging
  • Website development
  • Set up analytics
  • Social media development
  • Email marketing development and one campaign
  • Two months of website maintenance, tech support and SEO
  • Two months of content marketing (creation & distribution across platforms)
  • 5 hours of training

How It Works

Consultation: It is important that we spend time together in order to customize a program for your unique company profile and needs. The first step is to meet together (Skype/in-person) in order to gain a deep understanding of your story and your specific needs. If you are a start-up, we guide your through your launch and through building your business in those early crucial stages. If you already have an online presence, we begin by analyzing what is already in place to make sure your tools are serving you in the best possible way.

Strategy: After the initial consultation and assessment, we will craft a strategy that includes clear expectations for all of the details including the project management process and payment.

Working Together: As a premium client, you have our full attention, with unlimited access to our time and resources. We utilize cloud-based tools to communicate for updates, adjustments, proofing reviews and project sign-offs. This eliminates unnecessary email, keeps all of the components in one place and allows you to monitor all work.

Payment & Commitment: Pricing is based on a set fee that is determined after the initial consultation. Payment is typically 1/2 upfront with the rest payable at certain markers throughout the project. This works as a retainer and allows you to have unlimited access to our time and resources in a truly unique working relationship.

À La Carte Menu

  • Website creation more
  • Newsletters more
  • Blogging more
  • Social media more
  • Business writing and editing
  • E-book creation
  • Video creation
  • Website maintenance
  • Internal communications
  • BizDocs
  • ‘On call’ service for business document edits with fast turnaround
  • Process improvement
  • Business & Leadership coaching
  • Team building & training
  • Strategic planning
  • Long & short-term goal setting
  • User experience consulting


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