QuickStart Agreement & Terms of Service

Website Creation

Private Practice Jumpstart websites are template-based, WordPress sites designed to offer an affordable option for private practice owners. You understand that all purchases are pre-designed and agree to work within the template’s design framework. Customizations may include color, fonts, images, animation, and text within the design framework. Changes in design will not be permitted.

You will be responsible for providing the following:

  • Text for all pages
  • Logos and headshots
  • Color and image choices if desired
  • Access to domain registry and email marketing software

For security and accountability, it is our policy not share administrative rights to the website dashboard nor access to the root files with anyone else. To gain access to the website the complete purchase price must be completed.

Payments & Cancellations

  • By purchasing a Private Practice Jumpstart, you authorize Alford Creative, LLC to charge your credit card automatically every month on the same day as purchase for 11 months.
  • After the initial payment, sales tax will be added to monthly invoices at a rate of 8.5%
  • Alford Creative owns all rights to the website until the full amount has been paid. After 12 months, all rights will be transferred to you, and you may renew the WebCare agreement or migrate your site to another web professional.
  • If you stop payment before the 12-month mark, the website will be taken down and may be relaunched with a $500 service fee and resumption of payments.

WebCare Terms of Service

What is covered

  • WebCare includes hosting with our dedicated server
  • Regular updates to WordPress core, plugins, themes and security monitoring
  • You also receive one hour of changes every month that may include:
    • Text edits
    • Text changes
    • Blog uploads
    • Image and video uploads (to replace what is already there with design)
    • Simple form changes
    • Simple menu, footer or widget adjustments

What is not covered

  • WebCare packages do not include additional website development work including new pages, new functionality, plugins or integrating and/or managing 3rd party software.
  • WebCare does not include additional design work
  • WebCare does not cover Site Migration or clean up of site hack: Even with excellent security, sometimes hackers still get through. To remove malicious files and malware is not included in the monthly hours.
  • If you need help with additional website development or cleaning up a hacked site, please contact us through customer portal and we will give you an estimate of charges

Requesting Updates & Changes

Once your site is finished, please go through our customer portal to request changes or updates to your site. It is important to keep these requests out of email to avoid delays or things falling through the cracks. We work to get most requests done within 48 hours. If it is a more serious issue, we will contact you to let you know the status.

Ongoing Coaching

In addition to a new website, your Private practice Jumpstart includes the following:

1. Five coaching sessions (45 minutes each)

These will be scheduled by you and will cover 5 specific topics related to business development and marketing. If you prefer more face-to-face time coaching hours are available for purchase.

2. Email or other CTA content and connection to your email marketing platform

Based on your content and offerings, Alford Creative will help design a piece (pdf, downloadable, e-book, video, etc) that will be set up on your website to help gather more interest leads in your product. You will be required to share text outlines, video clips, topics and other content needed to compelte this task.

3. Set up of a Google Business Profile

This step is only applicable if you run a brick and mortar practice. If your private practice is only available online, this option is not available to you. In order to complete this step you will need to engage and be available to help with the verification process as needed.

4. Slack Channel with office hours

You will be added to a private Slack channel owned by Alford Creative LLC. Slack will be the space where you can ask questions, brainstorm ideas and connect with your coach and with the mentoring team. Slack will not be available 24/7. You will be given a set of hours that we will be online a week and we ask that you pelase respect that time.

5. Access to a resource library with business dev and digital marketing resources

Alford Creative is sharing our resource library with you! You will have the ability to download guides, best practices, checklists and speadsheets that will help you with your business growth. This library will be updated on a regular basis with new resources being added continuously. When your coaching period of 12 months is over you will lose access to these resources.


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