The Brand Strategy Intensive™

What Do You Stand For?

Just by opening your doors, you are conveying a message. So why not take the time to do it on purpose?

Branding refers to the way others experience your organization and it encompasses your values, your mission, your audience, your messaging and we believe doing a solid assessment is the place to start

Once we decide to work together, new clients start here. This gives us room to explore our working relationship, further define your needs, and see what results we can achieve. 

When you’re ready to get serious about increasing your impact, we offer the Brand Strategy Intensive™.  This is a deep dive into the core of your organization that will give you the clarity, confidence and solid plan to move forward and achieve your objectives.

The Brand Strategy Intensive™ is in three phases:



check-mark-10-xxlYOUR STORY     

YOUR STYLEcheck-mark-10-xxl

check-mark-10-xxlYOUR MESSAGE

check-mark-10-xxlYOUR MARKET

YOUR AUDIENCEcheck-mark-10-xxl

check-mark-10-xxlYOUR GOALS



We dig deep to understand your organization, both where you are and where you want to go: 


  • Mission, vision, systems & brand
  • Offerings & UVP
  • Ideal customer
  • Market & competition
  • Growth goals & objectives
  • Metrics to determine success

Research & Analysis

  • Set up analytics to set baseline
  • Competitor research & analysis
  • Industry & keyword research
  • Channel & deep website audits (Security, hacking, spam, SEO elements, index & rank, content, broken elements, conversion analysis)


A Lean Canvas that outlines all the key elements of your organization


We design key components and construct a strategic roadmap to:

  • Optimize website & traffic drivers
  • Attract the right audience
  • Convert strangers into leads
  • Nurture leads into customers
  • Integrate for closing business
  • Assess the results


  • Customer avatar
  • Messaging & sales copy
  • Build sales funnels for two segments
  • Targeted campaigns for two segments (Content, CTAs, Landing pages & thank you pages, Ads & Email sequences)
  • Website navigation
  • Link-building plan
  • Content Marketing Plan


A 12-month roadmap specific to your organization based on our 8-point framework for you to gain more reach and authority.  


You decide how much you would like us to implement for/with you:

DIY (do-it-yourself)

When your budget is a primary factor or you want to do the work yourself, we hand over the roadmap and give you 30 days of weekly coaching to guide you through the process. 

DWY (done-with-you)

Here, we can jump start the roadmap and then collaborate with your staff to take over after the first 90 days.

DFY (done-for-you)

When you want a complete outsourced team, we can implement 90+ days of the roadmap. The scope will vary based on your unique strategy.

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