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A website is the most important tool you will have to build your online authority.  When deciding who to hire, make sure that attention is paid to how your site is prepared and how the functionality and content moves visitors through the marketing cycle and generates leads for future follow up.

ATTRACT your target audience (content, SEO)

CONVERT qualified leads (CTA’s, landing pages)

CLOSE new clients (Email campaigns)

DELIGHT your customers (content, social monitoring)

How It Works:

Consultation: One size does not fit all and our packages are customized for your unique company profile and needs. The first step is our consultation process, which begins with an assessment survey and Skype meeting in order to gain a deep understanding of your story and your specific needs.

Strategy: After the initial consultation and assessment, we will craft a strategy that includes clear expectations for all of the details including the project management process and payment.

Project Management: We utilize cloud-based tools to communicate with all team members for updates, adjustments, proofing reviews and project sign-offs. This eliminates unnecessary email and keeps all of the components in one place.

Payment & Commitment: Our packages are simply priced and confirmed with a project agreement. Projects begin with a deposit of 1/2 of the fee with the balance due when you love your site.

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