About Alford Creative

We’re not like the other folks…

As digital specialists, we’re uncomfortable with many of the tactics and trends common in our industry, so we have shifted how we talk about marketing. At its heart, marketing is about interacting and connecting with people, so we strive to elevate the needs of humans over fake relationships or intrusive tactics that people say they hate.

We promise to serve our clients (and their clients) ethically, and in doing so contribute to building better businesses and an internet that doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominators of our culture.


Our #1 goal is to impact organizational growth through authentic and human-centered digital practices.

Women owned & managed

We hold a Women-Owned Business Certification through WBENC, and are particular proud of the work we have done with women business leaders and owners over the years.

Small on purpose

We work with owners and leaders who have a stake in the outcomes we produce, so we keep our team small in order to serve a few choice clients every year at a very high level.

Strategy FIrst

Too many people jump to action without a plan, which results in wasted time and money. We create roadmaps that drive our work based on data, goals and results.

Client-obsessed (your client!)

Your online presence is not about you, so we obsess over your client to make sure you are using the right messaging and best channels to connect with your ideal audience.


Your website and marketing tools have a job to do, so we build everything in a way to spur your audience to take action. We focus on what will get you results over personal preference or aesthetics.

Quality over speed

We suck at getting rich quick tactics. Building a trusted brand does not happen overnight and getting a few fats leads fast doesn’t translate into a trusted brand that will build equity for years. 

Don’t just hire a contractor

Partner with someone who will take on your mission and treat your brand like it’s our own. You got in this business to impact the world for good. We got in this business to make sure you do just that!

We partner with organizations we care about and are very proud of the deep level of work we do. And while we don’t mean to brag, we hear this kind of thing all the time:

“She (Beth) coaches me as I grow my business, providing encouragement, creativity and knowledge for business decisions.”

Check out our work here.

Our Experience

  • Strategy 100% 100%
  • Branding & Web Design 80% 80%
  • Marketing Services 80% 80%
  • Hosting & Site Maintenance 70% 70%

Alford Creative specialties in guiding mental and behavioral health clinics to REACH more people, gain more AUTHORITY so they can have the widest IMPACT.


We guide people-centered service organizations to reach more people, gain more authority so they can have the widest impact.

Our PASSION is to tackle the statistic that 8 out of 10 small businesses fail.

Our MISSION is to be a catalyst of growth and change that guides organizations to achieve their dreams and move into the top 20% that are still thriving at 10 years.

Our VISION is to change the landscape of marketing from manipulative, bot-drive tactics to a more human-centered and ethical space.

Team Members

Beth Alford


Founder & Consultant

Beth Alford


Creative Operations Manager

Beth Alford


Marketing Lead

Beth Alford


Customer Care & Admin

Beth Alford


Brand Design & Strategy

Beth Alford


Content Specialist

Beth Alford


SEO Strategist

Beth Alford


Web Dev

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