What is coaching?

Coaching is an intentional relationship where another person helps you dig deep and find your way in a specific area of life.

check-mark-10-xxlCoaches serve as guides: helping you construct and navigate your roadmap and always pointing you back to your goals and the big picture

check-mark-10-xxlCoaches help you see gaps: we don’t always see clearly and a 3rd person perspective can help us see the truth

check-mark-10-xxlCoaches hold you accountable to yourself…to what you said you want, the way you want to be in the world or what you want to achieve

check-mark-10-xxlCoaches are not counselors but can offer perspective and encouragement when things don’t go as planned


What to Expect

purple 2We start with a FREE Discovery Session, where we poke around to find out where you are and what we can do together. This serves to help us both know if we are a good match for an intentional coaching relationship.

purple 2I construct a game plan that outlines our strategy to tackle your goals and how we will work together.

purple 2Coaching involves regular, online meetings combined with written material and assignments that will help you dig deep.

About Beth

I am a communications pro, writer, teacher and creative with a deep desire to help people live their best lives. My educational journey gives you a glimpse into my passions; a degree in Music, English, Women’s Studies and Anthropology, along with formal education in leadership development and spiritual direction. Over the years, I have had the privilege to lead hundreds of people by teaching, hosting and organizing conferences, programs, conferences, retreats, classes, groups and workshops.

More importantly, my deep desire to live consciously has kept me moving forward; growing and learning through circumstances that could have sidelined me. Like most of us, I have experienced moments when life knocked me on my ass and I found myself starting over. During these times my foundations were shaken and I was forced to wrestle with my belief systems, my values, my theology and my sanity. I often wondered…’how would I move forward?’  Well, I did…and along the way I shed old ways of thinking and learned to really trust myself in ways that have invited greater compassion, empathy and the ability to help others gain the same clarity.  

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