101 Questions to Get to Clarity

by Sep 22, 2016

Clarity is about gaining understanding, and there’s no better way to get to the bottom of things than to ask questions. In this post, I share 101 questions that are extremely helpful to gain clarity for a variety of situations.

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Decisions & Opportunities

1)  What happens if nothing changes? What will happen if I do NOTHING about this?

2)  What is working well in the current situation?

3)  What is non-negotiable to me in this situation?

4)  What’s the worst that can happen? Can I live with that?

5)  What does this opportunity bring to me and/or others?

6)  What are the risks involved?

7)  Does the potential outweigh the risk?

8)  What will it cost to take advantage of this opportunity (time, money, relationships)?

9)  What will happen if I don’t take advantage of this opportunity?

10) What is my next step?

11) Who can I call to help me identify my next step?

12) What are three actions I could take that would make sense this week?

13) On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited do I feel about taking these actions?

14) What would someone I respect do in this situation?

Understanding Myself

15) What do I love? What do I hate?

16) What makes me happy?

17) What do I want to bring to the world?

18) What do I want people to say about me when I am gone?

19) If I could change one thing about my life what would it be?

20) When am I at my best?

21) What am I tolerating/putting up with?

22) What do I want MORE of in my life? (make a list)

23) What do I want LESS of in my life? (make a list)

24) What do I know now that I wish I’d known 10 years ago?

25) What fills me with awe?

26) What’s really important for me to create/do before I die?

27) Looking into the future, what is the one thing I DON’T want to see?

28) What are the five things I have achieved in my life that I am most proud of?

29) What do I want to have?

30) Who do I want to be?

31) What do I want to do?

32) What is one thing I know to be true?

33) What does my ideal day look like? Be specific…people, tasks, props, smells etc..

34) What do I enjoy doing?

35) What am I most excited about now? What am I looking forward to?

Creating Change

36) What’s one change I could make that would give me more balance?  

37) What is one small step I could take now that would move in the direction I want to go?

38) As I look five years into the future, how do I envision my life?

39) What would be a small step in that new direction?

40) What five goals do I want to accomplish in the next 12 months /5 years / my lifetime?

41) If I decided to FULLY live my life, what’s the first change I would make?

42) What could I work on now that would make the biggest difference to my life?

43) If I knew there was absolutely no way I could fail, what would I go do right now?

44) What should I start doing?

45) What should I stop doing?

46) What should I do more of?

47) What should I do less of?

48) What should I continue doing?

49) What are the issues that limit or hold me back?

50) If I could change one thing in my life what would that be?

51) How would my life change if I accomplished all my goals?

52) For my life to be perfect, what would I have to change?


53) What clarity does ‘understanding myself’ bring to my desires for my work life?

54) Do I go home every night feeling satisfied or frustrated?

55) If I could test drive 3 jobs, what would be they be?

56) How does my financial situation impact my career decisions?

57) What are my top 3 professional strengths and assets?

58) If money were no object, what would I like to do?

59) What advice would I give my 19 year-old self?

60) What are some opportunities I currently see for my life/work?

61) Look back over my jobs and volunteer activities. Does one thing stand out as a thread that makes me smile?  

62) Does my current work bring out the best in me?

My Unique Value Proposition (personal or business)

63) What problem do I solve for others? How do I help?

64) What could I stay up at night talking about?

65) What does the work need that I am uniquely able to provide?

66) Can I summarize how I do things differently in one statement?

67) What do people consistently ask me for?

68) What do people delegate to me, knowing with utter certainty that I’’ll be fabulous at it?

69) Who are the three most recent people I helped? What did I do for them?

70) If I had to guess my life purpose (from looking at life to date), what would it be?

Values (business or personal)

71) How do I act when no one is looking?

72) Why do I/we do it this way?

73) What is my motivation? Why am I doing this?

74) Why is this important to me/us?

75) What am I afraid of?

76) What matters more than money?

77) How do I define significance?


78) What do we do (or want to do) here? (in one sentence)

79) What value do we bring (or want to bring) to the world?

80) What are the systems that are (should be) in place to get the job done?

81) How do we conduct business?

82) How do we (or how do we want to) relate to customers, vendors and employees?

83) How do we (or how do we want to) behave in the workplace?

84) How do we (or how do we want to) collaborate and handle stress, conflict and obstacles?

85) How do we (or how do we want to) stand out from the competition?

86) How is our company culture and environment right now? How do I want it be?

87) How do we measure success?

88) How well are we doing?

My Customer / Client

89) What problem does my client have that I can solve?

90) What frustrates me about how people approach the problem I solve?

91) When this problem is solved, my customer will be able to ______.

92) By solving this problem, will my customer will be better off financially?

93) By solving this problem, how will this help my client physically, emotionally, spiritually or in their relationships?

94) By solving this problem, how will this help my client realize her bigger potential?

95) What feedback do we get from our clients/customers?

Gaining Perspective

96) What can I learn from this?

97) In what way is the current situation absolutely perfect?

98) How could I turn this around right now to enjoy the process?

99) Is this getting me closer to my goals/desires?

100) What is on way I cold have more fun in my life?

101) If I were coaching someone else, what advice would I give right now?

Could You Use a Little Help With Gaining Clarity?

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