How to Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

by Apr 11, 2022





Have You Heard the Phrase “Content is King”?

It may sound a little outdated and cheesy, but here’s the thing…It’s just as TRUE today as it was in 1996 when Bill Gates first said it. To be successful with your digital brand elements you need to be putting out great content. The beautiful thing about this simple truth is that it allows all size companies to get in the game. No company is too small to participate.

Every step along the marketing cycle relies on content: Blogs, videos, email…these are ways to connect with other humans. When constructing a robust marketing strategy with clients, content marketing is one of the things we pay attention to.

Content marketing is simply the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

Content Marketing is one of the 8 areas of focus for a well-rounded marketing strategy.

This is important brand-building work that keeps your business out there in the public eye! AND It’s about more than just the information. It’s about building trust and getting your audience the results they want.

What Content Marketing Can Do For Your Business:

  1. Build trust and authority
  2. Fuel SEO and drive your social media strategies
  3. Educate potential customers about your product or service
  4. provide an opportunity for you or your business to become a thought leader in your industry

Great content isn’t just random and it isn’t just done so you can check off the box. When you’re creating content, you must remember to stay focused on your end-goal.

Here are a few key points to remember about content marketing in order to stay strategic

When Using Content Marketing to Grow Your Business – Stay Strategic!

Your content should be:


What do you want your content to do? Build awareness, create leads or conversions? Always keep the goal in mind!

Research-Based and Data Driven

Do you know what your competitors are doing and what people are actually searching for? What is working? Who is clicking? What kind of engagement are you getting?


The #1 thing I want you to think about as you create content is to be CUSTOMER-CENTRIC. You want your marketing to center around the customer and their needs.

Content marketing solves problems and educates around your customer’s needs; it’s real, useful, and authentic.


Your content should provide value. Great content solves a problem. Great content is about more than just the information. It’s about getting your audience the results they want.

Content marketing provides something of value to customers whereas traditional ads do not. With an advertisement, customers often try to mute, ignore, or get away from them as fast as they can. With content that’s tailored to what customers want or need, they end up spending hours with your content developing a relationship with your brand and remaining engaged with your products.

Statistically, it takes at least three to four touch points before someone will want to engage your business – specifically, pick up the phone and call. They may read your name somewhere, read a blog, story or testimonial, or hear you on a podcast. Someone may recommend your business in a group. They see your name again on a Google search or in a post on social media. THEN, they Google your name and end up at your website. They read more. Maybe they download something helpful. THEN, maybe, they call you.


VARIETY is important. Think beyond the blog. While blogging is still a very viable and important form of content, giving some variety to your pieces will make them more accessible across a variety of platforms – video, podcasts, images, etc.


Don’t leave anything to chance. Create a content calendar for how, when and where you will create, publish and promote your content!

These tips are the basics to get you started on your content marketing journey. I hope this gives you some insight on how to get started with content marketing for your business.

Ready To Grow Your Business With Content Marketing?

We love to help organizations we believe in to achieve their goals – and small business owners to realize their dream of running a successful business. That’s why we offer advice, coaching, and marketing and website support for therapists who one their own practice, and other small business owners. Content marketing can be a lot, so if it feels overwhelming or you just need some guidance, schedule a free strategy call below.

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