Three Key Questions for Small Business Branding

by Feb 4, 2017

Does my small business need a brand?

Some small business owners mistakenly think ‘branding’ is only important for large companies with broad budgets. But branding simply refers to the way your business is identified across marketing channels and to the outside world.

Think about it…just by opening your doors, you are conveying some kind of message. So why not take the time to do it on purpose?

At AlfordCreative, we view creative branding as a combination of the following key elements. Gaining clarity about these will help you craft an identity that differentiates your business from the pack and will allow you to spread a consistent message to the world about who you are.  

Your Story

Marketing in today’s world is all about telling your story. Your marketing efforts will utilize different parts of your story at different times to drive your unique value proposition. 

Key Question #1: Do people connect with me and know quickly we have a solution for them?

  • Who you are: be clear about your WHY, your values, mission and how you dream of impacting the world
  • What you do: be clear about your offerings
  • How you do it: how you are in the world and how you treat people
  • For whom you do it: know your customer inside and out

Your Style

Visual and sensory elements combine to create your unique style and brand identity.

Key Question #2: How do I want people to feel when they encounter my brand?

  • Colors & font choices
  • Logos, banners and other imaging
  • Having a balance between your personal style and what will speak to your customers

Your Core Message

Your core messaging is the way you express your story in words and on the page.  

Key question #3: What is the one thing I want people to know?

  • Tone & voice: capture your authentic style to build trust
  • Copywriting: focus the narrative for today’s digital audience
  • Taglines: condense your message into a short, snappy sentence
  • Elevator speeches: condense your message into a 30 second soundbite

Need some practical help?

Schedule a free 30 minute branding brainstorm with Beth

Need More Guidance?

As you grow, it is easy to develop gaps in your marketing. Join me for a friendly chat to explore your business needs, analyze your online presence and brainstorm your next steps. You will come away with 3-5 things you can do right away to create a vibrant online presence that gets you results!

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